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JCI World Congress

[JCIHK/IA] JCI World Congress Hong Kong 2022
???? After 1993, JCI Hong Kong is excited to host JCI World Congress again in 2022! ???????? 

JCIHK In-to World Congress team sincerely ☺️ would like to invite you to participate

and show our hospitality ???????? to overseas delegates and passion in hosting World


Let’s welcome our JC friends from around the world ????️ to “Share Moments, Share

Life, Share Leadership”!

????Date: 31 October – 4 November 2022 (5 days)

⭐ Why you should join World Congress⭐

1. Join the Sustainable Tourism with 100+ Virtual tours ✈️⛴️ from all over the world

to learn the sustainability of each city

2. Engage in cultural exchange with overseas JCs & visit our Virtual Exhibition ????

with products and services???????? from all over the world

3. Join various business networking & seminars on Technology, NFTs ????and New

Finance in Digital Era , JCI Rise plus JCI Official courses to upskill yourself 

4. Shout together when names of JCIHK appear on the stage of awards ceremony


5. Join Cultural Nights and our Welcome Party ???? ???? hosted by JCI Hong Kong????

6. Watch the best-in-class finalists from 4 areas flexing their skills at the Public

Speaking????️ contest & Debate????️

7. Witness the election of 2023 JCI President & his/her board of directors㊗️

8. Meet

the World Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) winners ????

????️ Registration fee for 2022 World Congress Hong Kong Hybrid 5-Day Pass: Early

Bird HKD$2,988 (Early Bird until 6pm 30th June, 2022. Regular price HKD$3,388)

????The fee includes the items below:

- Full Online Access to the 5- day Congress 

-[JCI Hong Kong only] A party ????after Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

(with dinner  served)????️

- Amazing Ceremonies, meetings, trainings, workshops, cultural nights and more. 

- JCI Hong Kong Special kit – Limited edition of a smart-looking bag, ????️exclusive

pin, and Limited edition Jacket designed by Famous designer Ms. Mary Yu & gifts ????

Early Bird offer

Members who register and pay by 30/6/2022, 6 p.m. will enjoy a discounted package

of HK$2,988 for World Congress (special discount of HK$400)

2. ???? Registration

Please follow the instruction clearly with 3 important steps:

Step 1: Each Chapter will receive one own google online Google Form. Please

input all the information on the online Google Form directly (No need to download the


Register through the link below


Step 2: All registered participants are reminded to activate an account of the JCI

Virtual Community Platform (
jvc.jci.cc) as we are informed that World Congress will

be held on the platform 

http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePAVX4x1YnQ

How to reset password in JCI Virtual Community


Create a new account on the JCI Virtual Community in 3 mins

Step 3: Please log in to your JCI Virtual Community Platform account and press

''Register'' for Hong Kong World Congress

IMPORTANT: The only completion ☑️ of the 3 Steps will be considered successful

completion of registration 

3. ???? Payment method

????For payment method, it would be favorable and effective if each chapter can

make the payment by ONE chapter cheque and bank in into JCI Hong Kong HSBC

account on or before 30/6/2022,6 p.m. The chapter cheque will show the lump sum

of the registration fee. Bank transfer is also accepted but bank in receipt or online

transfer document must be sent to 
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming up!