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Sister Chapters of LOM
JCI is everywhere! 

The motivation to twin the sister chapter originates from the members in two national or local organizations who wish to establish a mutual understanding and friendship. The objective is to exchange personal visits, ideas, projects and culture. With modern communication and transportation systems, distance is no longer an obstacle. The sister chapter twinning provides a framework for members to participate in other cultures. They forge diverse connections that provide a unique perspective on the increasing interconnectedness of our world. These experiences produce a deep understanding of the importance of diversity and global cooperation!

Chapter Sister-chapter Friendship-pact
JCI Victoria JCI Tawau, Malaysia (Since 1983)  JCI Perlas Pasay, Philippines (Since 2005)
  JCI Tainan, Taiwan (Since 1983)   
  JCI Osaka, Japan (Since 1989)   
  JCI Seoul Dongdaemoon, South Korea (Since 2002)   
  JCI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Since 2012)   
JCI Kowloon JCI Mandaue, Philippines (Since 1974) JCI London, U.K. (Since 2013)
  JCI Taipei Jayceettes, Taiwan (Since 1978)  
  JCI Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Since 1979)  
  JCI Orchid, Singapore (Since 1980)  
  JCI Nagoya, Japan (Since 1983)  
  Pan Mac JC, Macau (Since 1991)  
  Daegu Suseong JC, Korea (Since 2011)  
  JCI Capital, Mongolia (Since 2013)  
JCI Island JCI Sendai, Japan (Since 1994) JCI Sydney, Australia (Since 2011)
  JCI Seoul, South Korea (Since 1976) JCI Tampere, Finland (Since 2012)
  JCI Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia (Since 1984)  廣州市海珠區青年聯合會
  JCI Makati, Philippine (Since 1971)  
  JCI Manilena, Philippines (Since 1987)  
  JCI Taipei, Taiwan (Since 1974)  
JCI Peninsula JCI City, Singapore (Since 1971) JCI Korean Kyoto, Japan (Since 1988)
  JCI Capitol, Philippines (Since 1971)  
  JCI Taichung, Taiwan (Since 1972)  
  JCI Minoh, Japan (Since 1972)  
  JCI Honolulu Chinese, USA (Since 1975)  
  JCI Mapo West Seoul, South Korea (Since 1988)  
  Hou Kong JC, Macao (Since 1992)  
JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes JCI Manila, Philippines (Since 1971) JCI Toyota, Japan (Since 1997)
  JCI Dhonburi, Thailand (Since 1972) JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan, Malaysia (Since 2005)
  JCI Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Since 1974)  
  JCI Yokohama, Japan (Since 1975)  
JCI Lion Rock JCI San Chung, Taiwan (Since 1976) 白雲區青年聯合會 (since 2005)
  JCI Sibu, Malaysia (Since 1998)  
  JCI Kariya, Japan (Since 2010)  
JCI Harbour JCI Penang, Malaysia (Since 1978) 上海浦東青年聯合會
  JCI Balikatan Philippine (Since 1979)  
  JCI Kanazawa, Japan (Since 1980)  
  JCI Marina, Singapore (Since 1980)  
  JCI Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Since 1984)  
  JCI Seoul Songpa, South Korea (Since 1986)  
JCI Yuen Long JCI Keelung, Taiwan (Since 1986) 廣州市青年聯合會 (Since 1996)
  JCI Kyoto, Japan (Since 1986)  
  JCI Seoul Kwang Jin, South Korea (Since )  
JCI Tai Ping Shan JCI Hsinchu, Taiwan (Since 1979) 佛山市青年聯合會、番禺區青年聯合會
  JCI Toyama, Japan (Since 1980)  
JCI Bauhinia JCI Uji, Japan (Since 1990) JCI Taiping, Taiwan (Since 2019)
  JCI Elite, Malaysia (Since 2014)  
JCI Dragon JCI Song Jeong, South Korea (Since 1997) 南海青年商會
  JCI Nishinomiya, Japan (Since2010)  
  JCI San Juan, Philippines (Since 2011)  
JCI East Kowloon JCI Mandarin, Singapore (Since 1988)  
  JCI Ipoh, Malaysia (Since 1997)  
  JCI Sike, Taiwan (Since 2012)  
JCI City JCI Fukuoka, Japan (Since 1984) 佛山市順德青年聯合會
  JCI Incheon Songdo, South Korea (Since 1987)  
  JCI Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Since 2011)  
  JCI Windy City, Taiwan (Since 1985)  
JCI Queensway JCI Okinawa, Japan (Since 1994)  
JCI North District JCI Cosmopolitan, Taiwan (Since 1988) 珠海市青年聯合會
  JCI Naha, Japan (Since 1998)  
JCI Ocean JCI Suita, Japan (Since 1988) 中山市青年聯合會 (1992)
  JCI Boai, Taiwan (Since 2013)  
JCI Sha Tin JCI Wakayama, Japan (Since 1992) 江門青年聯合會
JCI Apex JCI Gifu, Japan (Since 1995) 深圳市青年聯合會
    深圳巿青年科技人才協會 (2013)
    JCI Port, Kaohsiung (2013)
JCI City Lady JCI Yamagata, Japan (Since 2007) 寧夏青年交流團
JCI Tsuen Wan JCI Jayakarta, JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur ( Since 2019 )  惠州青年聯合會