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JCI Sha Tin
Shirley Tsang
JCI Sha Tin President
Chapter Website :  http://jcishatin.org/
Year Of Establishment :  1987
Official Language :  English Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

JCI Sha Tin was established in 1987 as the 17th Local Organization Member affiliated to the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. It is one of the few local Chapters with strong connections with the local community (i.e. Sha Tin District). “Live to Empower, Empower to Lift” is the theme of JCI Sha Tin in 2023. Empowering ourselves by stepping up to make changes, passing on our passion to enlighten people around and hence, resulting in more empowerment and lifting our Leadership, Impact, Faith and Teamwork! We continuously strived to provide development opportunities for young people and create impactful projects for society over the years. Signature Projects include “Sha Tin Classroom”, “Come Shine Not Shy” and “V-Support Sha Tin Buddies”, “Project Insight” and “Dragon Boat Race”. We look forward to see you in upcoming events and let's Empower yourself and Lead to Impact in 2023!