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JCI Lantau
Emma Yu
JCI Lantau President
Chapter Website :  https://www.jcilantau.org/
Year Of Establishment :  2016
Official Language :  English / Chinese Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

JCI Lantau is an affiliated Local Organization (“LOM”) of JCIHK. JCIHK and the local chapters are all non-profit organizations. The members are between the age of 18-40, who make full use of their leisure hours to work for the betterment of the community and themselves. “Do Well. Do Good” is the theme of 2022. For each of us, “Do Well” means enriching personal quality and skillset. For JCI Lantau as a whole, “Do Well” further means having continuous membership growth, strong bonding among members, as well as enhanced branding and reputation. “Do Good” is to improve society through different projects. It is also consistent with JCI Mission: “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.” We want to create more opportunities and possibilities for the chapter. This year, we will launch a flagship project - the Sustainable Lantau. It is not only about the community development but also related to leadership development and business affairs. By implementing a series of events like field trips, workshops and competitions, we hope that we will bring more young talents to join our chapter, and inspire their personal growth.